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“We’ve Done Some Stupid Things” – Erin Brockovich & The French Connection

August 6, 2020
American actor Gene Hackman (right) as Jimmy ‘Popeye’ Doyle in ‘The French Connection’, directed by William Friedkin, 1971. (Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)

This week, it’s mostly a true story as Tom & Kieran tackle Erin Brockovich and The French Connection.

PLUS: hotdogging and grandstanding, air conditioning in suits of armour, fighting with flat-packed furniture, Tom & Kieran’s Red Carpet Memories, Tom Cruise, The Limey, Drive, Batman, On The Run, The Departed, dismantling automobiles, Santa Claus drug busts, straw hats, fetishes, 1970s airplane design, dangerous working practices, “the wrong bloke”, Fat Thomas, Halloween, and taking one’s chances with Gallic delicacies.

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“His Milk Blood Shoots Everywhere” – Aliens & Bill

July 30, 2020

Kieran and Tom are back with your two-a-week… a week late. Sorry. Let’s talk Aliens and Bill!

PLUS: Kieran’s crap fortnight, ageing, meat products, What We Do In The Shadows (the movie), What We Do In The Shadows (the TV show), Horrible Histories, Take That, The Cockernee Players of Bow, crossdressing, accents, all-day breakfast, fish & chips, beards, vegetables, Francis Walsingham, Ralph Fiennes, bending of history, Geoffrey Rush, plurals, how xenomorph reproduction works, a hostile crew, The Princess Bride, cinematography, Ian Holm, android amnesia, The Terminator, Brian Dennehy, advances in animatronics, Doug Jones, motion capture, Joss Whedon, David Fincher, Prometheus, studio interference, the power loader, T2, True Lies, Titanic, Avatar, shoddy airlock design, Spy Time/Anacleto and a lot of on-air Googling.

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“An Angry Welshman” – First Blood & On The Run

July 16, 2020

It’s fugitive week as Sylvester Stallone heads for the hills in First Blood, and Yuen Biao goes On The Run.

PLUS: wrestling, Bonjela, Diet Coke, hamster bottles, 2020 shite, Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Yuen Wah, John Woo, The Prodigal Son, Knockabout, odd noises, a quick history of popular sub-genres in Hong Kong cinema, iffy stunt doubles, Dragons Forever, Eastern Condors, Tsui Hark, Ringo Lam, the Hui Brothers, Aces Go Places, the bleakness of Yuen Biao’s weekend, toddlers in wheelbarrows, Kill Bill, machetes, VHS, a good first draft, the process of editing a movie, Predator, About Time, Oscar noms, war, Commando, cheesy editing, PTSD, body count, filing cabinets, Cobra, Tango and Cash, Rocky, Money Heist, Cocoon, In the Heat of the Night, Sidney Poitier, Smokey and the Bandit (again), prejudice, Denzel Washington, Transformers, Pete Hammond, Ratatouille, synesthesia, political commentary and Kieran’s terrifying face.

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“The Ageing Wizard in the Cave” – The Man in the White Suit & Song of the Sea

July 9, 2020

Is it silky or is it a selkie? A joke we liked so much, we used it twice. Join us as we review The Man in the White Suit and Song of the Sea!

PLUS: tautology, personal development, Batman, Stephen Mangan, Alfred Hitchcock, surpise northerners, fancy lighters, Jackie Chan, feminine wiles, The Third Man, built-in redundancy, Spirited Away, Sarah and Duck, The Gruffalo, “giving out” and reading recommendations from a 3-year-old.

“Peppa Pig Just Seems To Be A Little Sh*t!” – Airport 1975 & Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films

July 2, 2020

Assume crash positions and dance! Or fight! Or both! It’s Airport 1975 and Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films!

PLUS: new technology, Spider-Man, Shep Gordon, VHS arson, UZIs, chainsaws, ninjas, breakdancing, the Lambada, oneupmanship, Peppa Pig, Juan of the Dead, Lazer Team, the Cannes Film Market, cable TV, big money ideas, Ikorodu Bois, wheelbarrows for cars, alternative episode titles, Airplane!, big swords, gaping holes, CHiPs, 747 rental rates in the 70s, the history of the helicopter, Airport 1990(?), The Incredible Hulk, haunted musical instruments and the sex appeal of monkeys.

“Equal Parts Ego and Charm” – About Time & Smokey and the Bandit

June 25, 2020

Clearly we hadn’t had enough time and bandits after last week, so here’s About Time and Smokey and the Bandit!

PLUS: things you can’t say today, wheelbarrows of money, Alabama local news, Dukes of Hazzard, country music, fake Bandits, elephants, nuns, chemistry, The Fall Guy, Scott Adkins, CB radio, Kieran’s family’s criminal history, lanky gingers, Dark, a five word review, poshness and tangerines.

“Nipples For Men!” – Time Bandits

June 18, 2020
No Merchandising. Editorial Use Only. No Book Cover Usage. Mandatory Credit: Photo by Moviestore/REX/Shutterstock (1632179a) Time Bandits, Kenny Baker, Tiny Ross, Mike Edmonds, John Cleese, David Rappaport, Malcolm Dixon, Jack Purvis Film and Television

Yes, this is indeed the launch of season 2 of Have You Seen..?!

All will be explained in the course of the episode, but essentially it turned out neither of us had ever seen Time Bandits, so why not watch it, chat about it, then foist that chat upon you, just like the old days

PLUS: Monty Python, Tron, COVID-19 (sorry), lockdown (sorry) and what on Earth we’ve been up to for the past three years!

Content, Content, Content

May 29, 2020

Hello. Thought you might like another teeny update.

Piece of news #1: All complete episodes that we have in our archive have been uploaded and are now publicly available via Spotify, iTunes (is it still called that?), Stitcher, Anchor, RSS feed and probably some sort of verbose, English-speaking carrier pigeon.

At time of writing, we are unfortunately still missing 25 episodes and believe us, we’ve looked through a lot of hard drives! The full list is here and, as ever, we’d be very grateful if you could help us track these down.

Piece of news #2: We’ve finally edited and released episode 135: No Holds Barred! This was originally recorded in January 2017, so we can only apologise for the ridiculous amount of time that has elapsed and hope our references aren’t too outdated.

We hope you’re all doing well and if we think of anything else fun we can do, we’ll let you know.

Look after yourselves,

Kieran & Tom

Episode 135 – No Holds Barred

May 26, 2020

Have You Seen..? The question to start all movie discussions.

Better late than never! Only three years after it was originally supposed to be released, revel in the sweaty, muscle-bound glory of Hulk Hogan’s debut as a leading man: No Holds Barred!

“I’ve been waiting for this, brother…”

PLUS: a smell of chocolate, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Demolition, wrestling nerdery, axe hammers, Jesse Ventura’s loud hair, pot plants, giant men and their small furniture, the world’s worst limo driver, baby oil, the inner workings of Terry Bollea and Vince McMahon’s minds, Hulk Hogan’s mastery of the French language and his “sexy” face, ratings, poor names for combat sports events, Stan Hansen, “Klondyke Raymond”, “Brock Jizzer”, Frank Welker, grunting sounds, Street Fighter, a fundamental misunderstanding of how the television industry works, a random clown, laughing security cameras, Every Which Way But Loose, the cure for paralysis, Pink Floyd, Knight Rider and picking up women… by the face.

An Update

April 30, 2020

Hello, friends from the internet.

How’s everybody doing? Keeping healthy and watching lots of movies we hope.

We just thought we’d send out a little update in the hope that we might provide a small amount of entertainment during the neverending year of April 2020.

We’ve been hard at work on the archive, getting it back online and getting it to your ears. To that end, episodes 1 – 89 (with a few gaps) are now available once more on iTunes, Spotify, Anchor and Stitcher Radio. If you’re the type of person that likes manually adding RSS links to things, this one’s for you, buddy!

We’ve re-edited and remastered some of the episodes for which we don’t have the original completed MP3’s. You’ll hear a little announcement at the start of each of those. They’re not intended to be faithful recreations, more how we would put these shows together if they’d been recorded today.

Unfortunately, we are still missing the following episodes:-

  • 25 (Merantau/Josie and The Pussycats)
  • 27 (True Grit (Coen Bros. version)/Touch of Evil)
  • 64 (A Royal Affair)
  • 66 (Paranorman)
  • 68 (The Queen of Versailles)
  • 80 (Alien/Time After Time)
  • 81 (The Final Countdown/The Elephant Man)
  • 86 (Tower Block)
  • 87 (Glengarry Glen Ross)
  • 90 (Muscle Shoals/Sound City/Searching For Sugar Man
  • 91 (Archer/Garth Merengi’s Darkplace)
  • 92 (Punisher: War Zone/#DIRTYLAUNDRY/Blind Fury)
  • 93 (The Colditz Story/The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists!)
  • 94 (The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires/War of the Robots)
  • 95 (Order No.027/Pulgasari)
  • 96 (Half Past Dead/Miami Connection)
  • 97 (Jolly Life(Neseli Hayat))
  • 98 (Blackmail/The General/The Artist)
  • 99 (Transformers: Dark of the Moon/Robot & Frank/Transformers: Age of Extinction)
  • 101 (Juan of the Dead/Rush)
  • 102 (The Raid 2)
  • 103 (Kon-Tiki/The Hole)
  • 104 (Duel/Premium Rush)
  • 105 (Koyaanisqatsi/Versus)
  • 106 (Raiders of the Lost Ark (B&W Soderbergh version))

We’d love to make a complete collection available to everyone, so if you happen to have any of these on your hard drive, please get in contact on Twitter (@hyspodcast) or email

Look after youselves and speak soon maybe,

Kieran & Tom

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