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Episode 92: Road to Episode 100 Special 3 – Lads’ Night In

April 19, 2014
Have You Seen..? The question to start all movie discussions.
The Road to Episode 100 continues with our third special: Lads’ Night In. It’s beer, pizza and action movies as the boys talk Punisher: War Zone#DIRTYLAUNDRY and Blind Fury.
PLUS: Directing in one’s second language, juggling accents, Marvel Knights,Gears of WarDrive (not that one), Irish Rastas, black Poles, on-air equipment repair, laundrettes, Not-Frank, cuddling small Vietnamese men, math, Alice Cooper, American Geography, The Office, Locke’s hair, henchman cameos, bloodless bladework, board games and “the casually daring Dutch”.

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