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“Have You Seen..?”

The question to start all movie discussions.

Have You Seen..? is a movies podcast where every conversation starts with that crucial question. Each week, Kieran Lefort & Tom Webb pitch a film they like for the other to watch and discuss their thoughts on the films pitched the previous week. Confused? Yeah, us too. Listen and all will become clear.


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  1. John McNamara permalink
    March 13, 2015 4:58 pm

    Hello Kieran & Tom. I’ve been a listener since December and I’m enjoying the format of your show.

    In the meantime, please consider my pitch: Have you seen “The 13th Warrior”? Years ago, a friend & I were stuck indoors for a few days for a university medical study and this movie popped up on the video rental list. It’d gotten poor reviews so my expectations were low. Antonio Banderas was the lead, Omar Sharif had a small cameo but no one else was recognizable. This film was adapted from the Michael Crichton novel “Eaters of the Dead”, a story that combines the Beowulf epic with vikings and uses an Arabian emissary character as observer/narrator in the book and film.

    Banderas, as you might guess, plays this central character Amhad ibn Fadlan and, I felt, did a decent job. Not having read the book, I cannot say how well this film does by it. But my friend and I were thoroughly entertained (at least it was a nice break from doing school work). From a layman’s point of view, it did look underdeveloped in places. I’m amused by how the film depicts Ahmad’s learning the Norse language, its silly and enjoyable at the same time. Wikipedia mentions the director being fired (going over budget for one reason) & Crichton coming in to direct.

    I do plan to read the book and expect that it will be much, much better. Hope this film intrigues you guys. It’d be a review to end all reviews or is that going too far?

    Thanks! – John McNamara

    ps I hope to make a donation eventually.

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